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Rejuvenating, Permanent Dentures in Green Bay, WIFountain of Youth Dentures

Permanent Dentures in Green Bay WI

Do you suffer with ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures? Do your standard dentures leave your face with a sunken-in appearance? Are you embarrassed by slipping dentures when you eat, talk, or smile? We can help!

Dr. Scott Quandt offers an advanced cosmetic dental procedure for his denture patients called Fountain of Youth Dentures. With the Fountain of Youth Dentures technique, Dr. Quandt uses advanced aesthetic and neuromuscular dental technology to create comfortable dentures that provide ideal fit and function, while greatly improving appearance.

"I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful job you did on my mouth. It has been such a blessing to have teeth that are highly functional, fit incredibly well and are aesthetically appealing."
- Luke G.

Comfortable Dentures Created with a Neuromuscular Approach

Dr. Quandt has been using neuromuscular dentistry to create more beautiful smiles for people with natural teeth for many years, as taught by the Las Vegas Institute and Myotronics. Now the same neuromuscular technique can be used to create a more beautiful denture smile. Dr. Quandt has been trained in both Fountain of Youth Dentures and NewYou Dentures, each of which are cosmetic neuromuscular dentures designed to take years off your facial appearance.

Fountain of Youth Dentures Before and AfterTraditional dentures rely on motionless impressions on which to fabricate the dentures. Instead, with the Fountain of Youth Dentures technique, Dr. Quandt takes a neuromuscular impression while your muscles are in motion. This type of impression helps you more comfortably wear your dentures while eating or talking.

A neuromuscular approach also helps Dr. Quandt determine the ideal height and biting position for your teeth. The ideal height of dentures is important to fit, function, and aesthetics. The neuromuscular approach also aids in forming a better fit and seal for your dentures, compared to traditional types.

Rejuvenate your look with Fountain of Youth Dentures

Unlike standard dentures, Fountain of Youth Dentures are fabricated to the ideal height, so you can say goodbye to the sunken-in appearance your dentures give you now. Fountain of Youth Dentures are designed to support your lips and cheeks for facial fullness, taking years off your appearance.

Additional benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures include advanced materials used in constructing the denture, which provides aesthetic advantages over traditional denture materials. High-quality porcelain teeth give these dentures a more natural appearance with the luster of natural tooth enamel. The base of the denture is customized with a special layering technique for a more natural-looking gum line and base.

Permanent dentures in Green Bay, WI

Fountain of Youth Dentures can also be implant supported for many patients. If you are considering dentures, you may want to consider implant-supported dentures. With implant-supported dentures, implants are placed into your jaw bone and connected to the denture. The implant will fuse to the bone, creating a solid foundation to which your dentures are secured. There are several techniques, and Dr. Quandt will discuss which treatment plan would be best for your personal needs.

Permanent dentures in Green Bay are just a phone call away! Dr. Quandt welcomes patients from Green Bay, Ashwaubenon, Manitowoc, Menominee, Appleton, Marinette, Sturgeon Bay, Lawrence, and Belleview, WI. Call today for a consultation.

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