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Spectra Caries Detection Aid

Finding Decay the Easy Way

Identifying and filling cavities is one of the most important services our Green Bay dental office provides to patients. With enough time, any spot of decay can threaten a tooth's integrity. That makes detection key to preventing a host of potential problems.

Lengthy poking and prodding sessions have been an acceptable, if not very comfortable, part of dental exams for years. But such methods are only 50 to 75-percent successful when it comes to detecting decay, because cavities have a habit of hiding along fissure lines or inside biting and occlusal surfaces. Visual and mechanical exams are limited to finding only those cavities that are equal to or larger than the probe head.

That's why our Green Bay dental team uses the Spectra Caries Detection Aid. This revolutionary tool makes the process more comfortable and comprehensive by helping us find cavities in their earliest stages of development.

Clear Images for Early Care

Spectra uses a handheld wand and fluorescence technology to capture radar-like images of teeth. In these images, healthy enamel appears green while areas of decay appear red. Unlike similar tools, Spectra not only detects decay along chewing surfaces and among fissures and cracks, it also finds decay that's developing between existing amalgam or tooth-colored fillings.

What does this mean for you? It means shallower, simpler fillings that let us preserve more of your natural tooth structure. As a result, you can keep more of your natural smile for longer. What's more, Spectra gives us an alternative to x-rays, so you don't have to worry about radiation exposure.

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