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Back Pain and TMJ Disorder

Neuromuscular Dentistry and Back Pain

Man at office desk holding lower backIf you have back pain that you haven't been able to get diagnosed or alleviate, consider a TMJ consultation at our Green Bay dental office. Dental Designs by Quandt can help you determine whether or not your jaw alignment is causing back pain and TMJ disorder symptoms. We can then help you overcome these symptoms with high-quality, customized treatments.

What Does the Jaw Have to do With Your Back?

TMJ disorder is being increasingly recognized as a problem that can affect more than one local area of the body. If you have any symptoms of TMJ disorder, such as jaw clicking, difficulty opening your mouth, jaw locking, headaches, radiating ear pain, or jaw tenderness, and you also have neck, shoulder, and back pain, they could all be related. As you probably know, everything in your body is connected and, when something is out of alignment, it can have an impact on the way other parts of your body function.

Treating TMJ Disorder at Dental Designs by Quandt

You may not have expected that a dentist could help alleviate your back pain, but it's definitely possible. At our practice, we offer a variety of services including neuromuscular dentistry. After assessing your jaw and your oral health, we can make recommendations to help you improve your jaw alignment and minimize or even eradicate your pain symptoms.

A smile makeover by Dr. Quandt and his team could help with your jaw alignment. It might also be a matter of using an oral appliance that helps you retrain your jaw to stay in the optimal position. We utilize a TENS unit to help us determine the best alignment for your jaw, and we have an overwhelmingly positive list of testimonials from patients who have undergone treatment for TMJ disorder that has helped eliminate their back pain, shoulder and neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, ear pain, and other unpleasant symptoms associated with TMJ disorder.

If you’re currently suffering from chronic pain and can’t figure out why, be sure to contact our practice today. No matter what the problem is, we’ll help you get to the bottom of it and solve it.