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How to Get a Straighter Smile

Young man with straight beautiful teethDo you have crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth that bother you whenever you see them? Are you certain, or do you think that your child may need orthodontic treatment now or in the future? If so, Dental Designs by Quandt have you completely covered. We have a multitude of Green Bay orthodontics options that are perfect for patients of all ages.

For working adults or self-conscious adolescents, we have more aesthetically minded treatments such as Six Month Smiles and Invisalign. These treatments are much more subtle in appearance than traditional metal braces, and in some cases, they also work much faster.

We also have treatments that can be tailored for younger patients, in that they are more durable and cost-effective. Altogether, if you or a loved one need help to get a straighter, more beautiful smile, Dr. Scott Quandt can help.

To learn more about our orthodontic options and why you or your child might need orthodontics in the first place, simply read on below.

What are Orthodontics Used For?

Orthodontics are used to correct malocclusions, otherwise known as a bad bite. In the past, this was often something that was corrected because it interfered with eating and speaking and was thus considered to only be a restorative treatment. But a malocclusion can also interfere with the development of a well-aligned, beautiful smile, so now orthodontics can also be used as a cosmetic treatment.

Modern Orthodontics in Green Bay

At Dental Designs by Quandt, much of our focus is on cosmetic dentistry. As there has been a shift in orthodontics towards adults and teens who are seeking less visible treatments and quicker treatment times, we have been quick to adapt and have begun to offer a new orthodontic technology that offers exactly this – Six Month Smiles.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a newer orthodontic treatment that concentrates only on the aesthetic portions of your smile. The treatment takes on average only six months, and it is an ideal treatment for patients who are looking to improve their smiles but are not in need of more extensive orthodontic treatment. You can learn more about Six Month Smiles by visiting the link.

Learn More About Six Month Smiles


We are also pleased to offer Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign is removable and is the preferred solution for adults and teens seeking to maintain a mature appearance while straightening their teeth. Invisalign utilizes a series of clear, plastic aligners that are replaced at biweekly intervals to safely and effectively straighten your teeth and improve your bite. As the aligners are made of clear plastic, no one will even notice that you are wearing them. Only you and Dr. Quandt will actually know that you are working to have your teeth straightened.

Learn more about Invisalign


ClearCorrect is also a clear aligner system similar to Invisalign. The big difference? ClearCorrect is made right here in the USA! This tends to make the treatment more cost-effective. With ClearCorrect, you’ll be able to get the straighter smile you’ve always wanted without dealing with bulky metal braces. Plus, the trays are easily removable, meaning you can take them out whenever you need to eat or brush your teeth. With ClearCorrect, you can finally straighten your teeth in a way that won’t interfere with your daily life.

Learn More About ClearCorrect

Orthodontics for Children, Teens, and Adults

Ortho for Children

Dr. Quandt recommends that a child should have an orthodontic evaluation by age seven to determine if orthodontic treatment is required and when would be the best time for them to be treated. When orthodontics is started early, it can often influence the growth of the jaw, guide the incoming permanent teeth, and reduce the future likelihood of additional treatments.

Ortho for Teens

Most orthodontic treatment takes place during the teen years as all the permanent teeth have fully erupted. The other benefit to having orthodontics done during the teens years is that many teens are beginning to become more concerned with the appearance of their smile and orthodontics can assist in improving aesthetics as well as achieving proper alignment.

Ortho for Adults

Orthodontics can be successful at any age, and adults can also enjoy the benefits of a healthy, straight smile. Our office recommends Six Month Smiles and Invisalign for adult orthodontics as these both are designed to be as invisible as possible.

Contact us today to learn about how we can make your smiles perfectly aligned with orthodontics.