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Want to see what our patients really think about us? Then we invite you to read some of our fantastic online reviews! As you’ll see, pretty much everyone who comes to see us couldn’t be happier with their experience. From the service on the phone to their results when they walked out, they only received the best with Dr. Scott Quandt and the Dental Designs by Quandt team. Simply click on the links below to go directly to our reviews.

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Are you a patient of Dr. Quandt? Did you just have your first visit? In either case, we’d love to hear about your experience! Your reviews are important to us because they are the best way for us to know that we’re providing our patients with the care and service they deserve. Whether you simply rate us or take time to write something from the heart, we sincerely appreciate any time you can take to talk about our practice.

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Letters from Our Patients

I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful job you did on my mouth. It has been such a blessing to have teeth that are highly functional, fit incredibly well and are aesthetically appealing. I am 32 and my teeth have never looked better. I can eat and talk with confidence unlike before. With your help the mini implants have changed the use of dentures for me once and for all. You really are an artist in what you do. I will see you in a month or so over Thanksgiving.

Luke G

About 15 years ago, I had a space between my two front teeth corrected by having crowns put on them. At that time, what was done was probably accepted as “good” in the dental world. However, throughout the past 15 years, I was always very conscious of the way they looked. My two front teeth had always been shorter than the rest of my upper teeth and the space that was corrected was rather large. So, sadly to say, I has ended up with “chicklets” for my two front teeth. In the back of my mind, I had always wanted to have them redone and to have the “perfect” smile. About 3 years ago, I had met a lady who was doing part of a total makeover on a lady. We got to talking and I had told her about my wish to someday re-do my front teeth. She threw out Dr. Quandt’s name as the dentist who was correcting the teeth for this makeover lady and how her teeth has looked wonderful! I wrote Dr. Quandt’s name down on a piece of paper and tucked it away in one of my desk drawers until I was ready. Well…the time came at the end of last year, when I was ready to seek out Dr. Quandt and get an opinion on re-doing my front teeth. What I liked most about Dr. Quandt besides his perfectionism and quality work was that he threw out what his ideas were and allowed me to make the decisions that worked best for me and my budget. Dr. Quandt and his staff made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in the door. I ended up having some gum contouring done to raise my gum line on my upper two front teeth and then we ended up evening out the large space between my two front teeth by distributing the space between my four front teeth. The craftsmanship of Dr. Quandt is beautiful! I love and am so excited about my new smile! I definitely feel more confident when I smile! Dr. Quandt is an artist when it comes to teeth! With the technology and molds he uses, he was able to show me what the final product would be before it was even completed. My smile is his smile!

Kelly M

To whom it may concern:

Dentures did not work for me and I looked around for an alternative. A friend recommended Dr. Quandt and I knew from the first consultation that he was the man for me. Dr. Quandt is a true professional. He’s passionate about his work and keeps up to date on the latest techniques. His technology is second to none. My visits always went smoothly and he worked with care and precision.

I had denture mini implants put in, top and bottom, and it really feels like I’ve got my teeth back again. The change has been amazing. I’m able to chew with confidence now, and eat foods that I hadn’t in years. I’ve got my smile back, too! It’s been a life changing experience.

Some quotes taken from Jeff’s dental experience; "Basically, these implants have given me back my dignity", "These are great, I just wish I could tell more people about them”, "They actually feel like my real teeth”, "Eating stuff I have not eaten for many years”, "I knew they would be good, just not this good”!

Dr. Quandt’s staff always made me feel welcome and made sure I was comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Quandt to anyone looking for a great dentist. I’m grateful to him and his staff for making the whole experience a success!


Jeff W. Marinette, WI

Dear. Dr. Quandt and Staff,

As the recipient of the 2005 Total Transformation, I know there are no words to describe my level of appreciation for your professionalism and generosity. At every visit I was welcomed with enthusiasm and encouragement– literally treated like a queen. I truly had no idea of the amazing talent that is right here in Northeast Wisconsin.

Going into this venture I was most looking forward to a shot at a better smile. I was not going to allow myself to get my hopes up too high, as I had been told in the past by other dentists that my particular dental situation could not be corrected. Those words in themselves were like a jolt to my core because of residual emotional pain from my past of being teased and called unkind things because of my crooked and crowded teeth.

Through your kindness and level of expertise, I now enjoy smiling and meeting people. I am no longer preoccupied with my insecure thoughts of wondering what people were thinking of my flawed smile upon meeting me. "She could be a pretty gal if only…,” was what I always imagined them thinking. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity that has been life changing in a most positive way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

God Bless

Carol L.

Dr Quandt,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the incredible artwork you have performed by creating a beautiful new smile for me. I have a bigger, brighter, and whiter smile that has really improved my self-confidence. You’re professionalism in listening; understanding your patient’s concerns and your positive feedback with your ideas really make a patient feel at ease. Not to mention all the extras you added to make my visit more comfortable. After my visit, I would recommend my family and friends to Dental Designs by Quandt, which I was referred to by my husband who has been a patient of yours for the past 15 years.


Donna D.

Dr. Quandt,

I just wanted to say thank you for staying late to fit my retainer for me. I know I created an inconvenience and wanted to thank you for your dedication to your profession. My teeth and I thank you for it.

Birgitta L.

Dr. Quandt,

Thanks so much for the dental "miracle” you performed with the new crowns and attention to my existing teeth. It has been fun being told I look younger (who doesn’t like flattery!) and also being told what a fantastic job you did by Nancy and Chris Tonelli. I paid so little attention to my teeth before that I didn’t realize how important this change has been. If you need me to "consult” with anyone, I am available!

Carol S.

Dear Dr. Quandt,

I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to talk with me about dentistry. After speaking with you, I have become motivated and eager to resume school. I cannot thank you enough for showing me so many aspects of cosmetic dentistry; it’s even more exciting than I thought. I admire what you do and the effort you put forth to stay above the rest; you have given me the inspiration to do what it takes to become a cosmetic dentist. Once again-thank you for meeting with me and showing me what you do– your enthusiasm has given me the encouragement to succeed.


Anna S.

Dr. Quandt,

Thank you very much for the Weidner gift certificate. I used it to purchase tickets to Stomp and Grease. Since Diane B. referred me to Dental Designs by Quandt and I referred Lisa W. and Jill D., we all enjoyed the shows. The enclosed picture is dinner at Highland Howey’s before Stomp. Thank you for the wonderful evenings at the Weidner Center.


Carol K.

Dr. Quandt and Staff,

Thank you very much for always taking such good care of me. I appreciate such great service and always tell my friends and family about you!


Charity B.

Dear Scott,

It’s been a year since my first consultation with you. A year since you told me you could straighten my teeth, make my smile healthier and prettier too.

My teeth now feel wonderful, and at times I forget all we went through to get to this point.

It was quite an experience, and I certainly do appreciate all the care and planning and knowledge that went into the process. Your thoroughness, your enthusiasm, your kindness, your skill, and your careful attention to every detail of the process made the experience successful.

I must admit there were times when I wondered if I should have taken on such a transformation. Your encouragement and your careful explanations and concern for my comfort were greatly appreciated.

I love my new smile. It’s very natural and lots of people haven’t even noticed a change.

At first that bothered me. I suppose because of all I went through, I wanted the whole world to say “Wow! Look at those teeth!’ However, yesterday, I overheard Renny’s mother’s nurse say what a beautiful smile I have. I suppose I would have liked it better if Renny had just thanked her instead of going into every detail of my difficult case? Nonetheless, it felt good to hear. And I feel good when I smile. I’ve always loved to smile and from a distance, I think, my smile didn’t look too bad. Now, I smile no matter how close I am to people.

Thank you, Scott, and your wonderful staff for all you’ve done for me. You’ve enriched my life with your expertise, your kindness, and your friendship.


Barbara C.


Thank you for fixing our daughter Lisa’s temporary crown. Thanks even more for not charging her…what a pleasant surprise for her!


Chuck and Bev R.

Dr. Scott,

Never can I thank you properly for such an expensive Christmas gift, Dr. Scott! I am truly grateful for my NTI … May your Christmas be special like you are. You are remembered in the prayers of my religious community of over 400 Nuns. God will continue to bless you, Dr. Scott!


Dear Scott,

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your compassionate care last week. I so appreciate you making a rapid appointment and for putting up with my crazy nerves.

My mouth/gums healed up 100% with no discomfort or pain! I’m thrilled to have it over with and lucky to have you as my family dentist!!!

With Sincere Gratitude,

Erin H.

Dear Dr. Quandt,

Hello from Ohio! I wanted to be sure to thank you for whitening my teeth for the wedding in August! It was a big success; we still can’t believe it’s all over! So many people complimented me on my smile that day– I honestly owe it all to you, Dr. Quandt! I really enjoy coming to see you each year, (although I still live in Ohio!) and just genuinely really appreciate all that you have done for me over the years! If you would like to see the wedding pictures– you can go to our website. I’m planning on coming in for my checkup around Christmas time. Thanks so much, again, for your thoughtfulness!


Heidi S.

I am a registered nurse and suffered from chronic migraines and tension headaches that prescription medications couldn’t touch. I began waking up daily with headaches and a tight, achy jaw. At my biannual checkup, Dr. Quandt mentioned that I may fit the criteria for a special orthotic that helps TMD. We scheduled a TMD screening appointment and the rest is blissful history.

I’ve been wearing my orthotic for approximately two years now. I rarely suffer from any type of headache and the tight achy jaw is gone. I no longer need to worry about carrying headache medication everywhere with me!

The entire experience with Dr. Quandt and his staff has been enjoyable and exciting. It is priceless to have my health and well-being back.

Thank you Dr. Quandt,

Heather P.

Dental Designs has been such a blessing to our family. They put their clients’ needs first. Our kids enjoy going to the dentist. That’s a big relief, as many children fear this part of their lifetime need. Our teenage girls really like “our” hygienist, Holly, as she is so kind, personable, and caring. All of the hygienists and receptionists are friendly to us when we see them. We appreciate the comforts we receive at Dental Designs– the heated massage mats, the options available for dental work, and the treats we receive when we leave, like flowers and water. We appreciate all aspects of Dental Designs. We recommend them to our friends. We speak highly of them.

Courtesy of the Hawkinson Family

Dear Scott,

My new dentistry is terrific – bite, alignment, etc.- and how well I know that constructing involved in dentistry under and existing bite opener – and making it all fit – is no small task! I couldn’t be more pleased!

As you know my periodontal/reconstruction problems started 30 years ago – before we understood the nasty nature of bacterial plaque and bite problems.

Since that time, I have had a royal battle on my hands with surgeries (6) and total reconstruction (3) in Milwaukee, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. I estimate that with surgery, reconstruction, air fares, etc. that I have invested $85,000 to protect my bite and periodontal tissues.

Would I do it again? Absolutely! Without blinking an eye! This is the most important investment of all.

I have to chuckle! I have often been asked why I chose to go to Florida – up until 1980 – for needed dentistry, and my stock reply has been this – “because two Michelangelos (periodontal and reconstruction dentist) live and practice there”.

Believe me, it is nice to know that two Michelangelos also practice in Green Bay in the persons of Scott Quandt and Doug Pierre. Doug, of course, has been looking out for my periodontal problems since 1980.

Scott, if a patient is procrastinating or uncertain, don’t hesitate to use my story or this letter if you wish. I have been there – root canal therapy, major reconstruction, periodontal surgery, and minor orthodontics for parallelism. Dentistry is absolutely the best investment that anyone can make.

To you and Doug Pierre – my heartfelt thanks. And to your staff members (yours and Doug’s) kudos for making the dentist office a very pleasant place to be.

Thanks again.

Dr. Neil B. Brahe