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Do You Need TMJ Therapy in Green Bay?

Take the TMJ Quiz

Man with jaw pain TMJ is what most people call TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. This condition is caused by a misalignment of the joint that lies at the base of your skull below your ear and can result in jaw pain, teeth grinding, and more. Some people may not realize their problem is treatable, though. Take the TMJ quiz below to help determine the cause of your jaw pain and find out whether or not you need to seek TMJ therapy in Green Bay.

A) Yes; There is a pain in the back of my jaw, but I don’t otherwise have any tooth decay or gum disease issues.

B) No; I am in mostly good oral health.

A) Yes; I often wake up with a pounding head that lasts for most of the day.

B) No; I have occasional headaches or none at all. This is not a chronic issue for me.

A) Yes; Sometimes it’s loud enough for other people to hear it.

B) No; I do not deal with this issue.

A) Yes; Frequently.

B) No; or rarely.

A) Yes; I have heard from my partner or a dentist that I grind my teeth at night.

B) No; I have never heard this before.

A) Yes.

B) No.

A) Yes; I am frequently sore in this region.

B) No; I do not have pain here, or if I do I know the cause.

A) Yes; My teeth are increasingly sensitive to heat and cold.

B) No; I do not deal with this issue.

A) Yes; More than six months have passed.

B) No; I have seen my dentist within the last six months.

Mostly Yes: It is time to see Dr. Quandt to discuss your symptoms, because you are at a high risk of TMJ given these warning signs. This condition causes chronic headaches, jaw pain, teeth grinding, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Seeking TMD treatment in Green Bay sooner rather than later is of the utmost importance for your oral and overall health. Go ahead and contact us to schedule your consultation.

Mostly No: You probably do not have TMJ disorder, but it’s still a good idea to maintain your regular visits to the dentist’s office! Routine checkups and cleanings are important for patients of all ages and stages of life -- so don’t put off yours.